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Laser Wire Marking

Save time at reasonable rates with UV Laser Wire Marking

Let Valair Aviation offer some ease to your avionics installations with custom Ultraviolet Laser Wire Marking. With our custom services, you receive wires and cables that are clearly marked, cut to length and packaged for easy processing once it arrives at your shop. The required equipment to perform UV laser marking for smaller shops can be expensive, so Valair offers contract marking at extremely reasonable rates. We are also equipped to support larger shops when the production demand rises beyond what your own in-house resources can supply.

Laser marking is a reliable, permanent, non-destructive alternative to non-permanent and high-maintenance marking methods such as direct ink or hot stamping. Unlike hot stamping, laser marking does not cause damage or change to the electrical or mechanical properties of the wire and will not wear off due to solvents or friction. It maintains complete insulation integrity and is accepted as a manufacturing process within the international aerospace industry.

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